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Mon, Oct. 25th, 2010, 11:45 pm

"So what you're saying is... it gets even better with age."

"Ttell me we're still talking about insurance."

No, Flo, we're talking about OLD PEOPLE FUCKING!

Sat, Jul. 3rd, 2010, 11:35 pm

I updated my lyrics site to include How to Destroy Angels and We Are the Fallen.
I also worked on Rammstein and Coheed & Cambria, but they're not ready to post yet.

Sat, May. 15th, 2010, 10:09 pm
Some random funny text messages over the past couple months

"I never thought I'd want to do Pikachu."
- This is from when Liz, Lindsay and I were waiting in line at the registration desk on Thursday night at Tekkoshocon. This girl walked dressed as Pikachu, but it was a sexy outfit in it's tight and revealing cosplay goodness. Sadly, I was unable to be a ninja master and snap a picture of her in time without anyone noticing my perviness.

"I'm talking to a Chinese person named Wai Yu ... I wonder if they're a Three Stooges fan."
- Maybe they have a cousin named Wu Wu Wu?

"The new KIN phones have a feature called 'two-finger tap', sounds dirty to me."
- Seriously, when was the last time you had a good "two-finger tap"? Another thing about the KIN phones that I learned is that KIN doesn't stand for anything. They just made it up. So I thought it would be cool to have a contest to make up a backronym. My idea is "Kinetic Integration Networking".

Mon, May. 10th, 2010, 10:27 pm

I got with the times and finally got a Facebook. I still check this every day, mostly for KAF Report updates, but other than that, I don't plan on posting on LJ very much anymore.

Fri, Apr. 16th, 2010, 01:10 am
Tekko pictures

Liz liked the Sailor Moon people.

Rurouni Kenshin.

I'm not sure if this was taken before or after Team Rocket kidnapped the girl in the sexy Pikachu costume.

Lindsay and Tawny in their kimonos.

Princess Zelda from Twilight Princess. There was a Link also, but he wasn't around when Liz too this picture. I saw the two of them together and was overcome by their combined tall thin blonde elfy hotness.

My favourite costume of the weekend, the Skull Kid from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

There was also someone dressed up like a Cactuar. I didn't recognize what it was supposed to be at first, but that's because they were moving and walking like a normal human being, with both of their arms down instead of that awkward angularly-spreadeagled Cactuar pose. I'm hoping that next year we can all get a hotel room and we'll have time to prepare some costumes. It shouldn't be too much trouble to do the Black and White Wizards from Final Fantasy, since we recently did that for Halloween. This time I'll have to do something other than black face paint, because there's no way that's going to stay on my face all day and not make a huge mess everywhere. It might take a little bit of creativity, but I also think I could pull off a Tonberry. I'd just need a lantern, a fake knife, a brown robe, a green forked tail, and some type of mask. It should be fun.

Thu, Apr. 15th, 2010, 03:02 am
Finally, a Tekko post!

I've recovered from my sleep deprivation enough to post about Tekkoshocon. We bought a bunch of manga, including several volumes of Fushigi Yuugi, plus a couple anime DVDs. I also bought 2 CDs, which were more expensive than I would have liked, but I guess it's to be expected since they were imported from Japan. The two bands I went to see were both Visual Kei bands, which basically is a subgenre of J-Rock that involves androgynous pretty Japanese boys playing rock/punk/metal music and dressing up in elaborate costumes and wearing makeup. I wasn't fond of Luzmelt, but I liked Suicide Ali enough to drop $25 on their debut album. It was marked as ¥3150, so I guess it was just as expensive actually in Japan. The booth selling the CDs was run by people from an internet visual kei radio show called Tainted Reality, and they also recommended another band called Versailles, which they were playing right then at the booth, so after standing and BSing with them and listening to three or four songs in a row and liking them, I sprung for that CD too. We also went to a panel about fight choreography with Dan Southworth, who has done a lot of stunt work in various movies (IMDb him if you don't believe me). There were also panels about Asian horror movies, shôgi (Japanese chess), and a lot of anime music videos. There was also a late-night panel with Uncle Yo - a self-proclaimed nerd comedian - making MST3K-style fun of a hentai movie called Demon Beast Invasion. Here is my favourite AMV of the weekend:

I have to fight with my Photobucket to get the pictures to not be sideways, so I'll post those later.

Sun, Apr. 11th, 2010, 10:52 am

Time to go to Day Four of Tekkoshocon. I feel sick from lack of sleep, but I'll tough it out for one more day. At least I know it's going to be over at 5 PM instead of 1 AM. More details and a few pictures to follow once I don't feel like I have sandpaper-lined eyelids.

Sat, Apr. 3rd, 2010, 10:24 pm

We went out with Bott last night for his birthday. We hadn't been to Dave & Buster's in like four months so it was nice to go back. Liz won a crapload of tickets from the Monopoly machine. Those coin-droppers have to be the best-paying games in that place, although I get bored sitting there and dropping tokens in the slot over and over and watching them fall over the edge if I play it for too long. I like Chip Away, and if I can figure out that game with the polar bear swinging a baseball bat at fish as they jump out of a hole in the ice, that would be good, but none of those games hardly award you with any tickets even if you do well. Between the two of us we had about 108,000 points on our cards, because we have been going there for a long time and never really bought anything significant. More recently we've started getting DS games there, but they're still only about 6000 points, and last night they didn't have anything we wanted. Liz, however, saw a 32GB iPod Touch for 60,000 points, and so she got it. She's been loading up her iTunes with practically every CD we own, and downloading free apps like crazy. She even found an app that can help you keep track of your menstrual cycle! I asked her, "What's it called, iBleed?"

Mon, Mar. 15th, 2010, 11:05 pm

I wasn't really planning on spending much money, but there were some deals I couldn't pass up. At Target, we were looking for shower curtains that would match the new paint colour in our bathroom, but we didn't really like any of them. They looked like something you'd expect in a mothball-smelling granny's bathroom. They did, however, have Season 5 of The Office for only $17 instead of its usual $40, as well as Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days for $20 instead of $35. They also had a two-pack of Seasons 2 and 3 of My Name is Earl for $25. Then we went to Gamestop and got 3 used DS games (Deep Labyrinth, Lunar: Dragon Song, and The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning) for a total of $25. I'm a little annoyed with the reboot of the Spyro series. It's more about fighting seemingly never-ending scads of enemies that keep spontaneously popping up out of nowhere, rather than the original Spyro, which was more focused on exploration. It was cool to find secret areas and get hidden gems, but now it's like "Go over here, kill a bunch of stuff; go over there, kill a bunch more stuff; go to the next place, and... oh yeah, kill more stuff." We already had the second game of the new Spyro trilogy, but I didn't want to play it until we had gotten the first one. If the second one isn't any better, I may just pass on the third. The next day Liz found Season 7 of CSI: Miami on Best Buy's website for $25. Too bad Walmart was out of stock of Picross DS, because it was on their site for only $11 and we really want that game. We spent money, but we got a lot of stuff for it. Paying retail price is lame!

Mon, Mar. 1st, 2010, 02:16 am

I discovered a couple of new bands to investigate further to find out if I like them. The first is a Canadian band called Evans Blue. I know they have toured with Breaking Benjamin, and I listened to some songs on their MySpace and liked them enough to buy their first album. The singer's voice is a little whiny-sounding, but not enough to bother me as much as some other whiny singers do - I'm looking at you, Rivers Cuomo from Weezer!
At the RWA show the new entrance theme for the Feelbad Five is a remake of "Bad Company" done by Five Finger Death Punch. A lot of their songs are super awesome, and some other ones are too loud-clicky-screamy-angry metal for me.

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